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I'll make your messaging clear, relevant, compelling, and differentiated. By tapping into your audience’s fears, hopes, and desires I present your product or service as the optimal solution to their problem. All through persuasive storytelling.

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Scale your business. Win Over more prospects. Improve your ROI.

Successful Marketing Strategies | Data-driven Lead Generation Plans | On-page Website Optimization | High-converting Copy

You don't have to struggle alone, you've got our assistance and help.

Website Revamp

I write copy that connects to your audience on an emotional level. Time to turn your leads into first-time buyers & life-long fans.

Lead Nurturing

Attract qualified leads that are looking for your products or services. I’ve helped companies operating in multiple industries find their ideal clients.

New Identity

I use data to develop messaging & marketing campaigns that work. I create lead generation plans, nurture sales accelerations, and handle all marketing activities.


Identifying opportunities for business growth, researching customers, and creating helpful content highlight my days. Happy to share my learnings.


Achieve Sustainable Growth With Tailored Copy

  • Transform your message to captivate and engage the proper audience
  • Outclass your competition and attract the best prospects
  • Get a data-driven marketing strategy that matches your audience’s buying journey
  • Reach your growth objectives and boost your company’s ROI
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Improve your marketing results with a professional who learns from the best

Why Choose Me

Turning every experience into a growth opportunity

In the last 10 years, I've helped companies tell their story and transfer their knowledge and expertise into simple words, building trust, empathy, and stronger connections with their audiences.


“I enjoyed working with Natalia over the past 3 years. She is a self-driven, well-organized, and energized person. Natalia did a great job with Altexpress and helped us communicate the brand and grow it with minimum support and direction.”

Maher Tarazi

CEO Altexpress

Natalia always manages to identify the latest trends and helps us play them to our advantage. She is a valuable marketing professional who knows how to put things into perspective. Campaigns created by her reached over 2M people, brought 15K new website visitors, +150 prospects, and supported revenue generation.

Reka Borbely

Director of Marketing Wirtek A/S

Natalia has a structured approach, where she comes in and understands the real need behind a campaign or marketing initiative, can uncover what needs to happen next and comes up with an action plan to match the goal. Content creation, as well as performance marketing, are two of her strong points.

Elena Iordache

Head of Growth

Natalia is one of the most passionate and ambitious persons I know – a positive mind, always willing to help and to find the best solutions for the client. Her friendly nature and analytic mind I find to be her strongest qualities because this way she can build strategies and content that are useful, relevant and also entertaining.

Vania Piersinaru

Project Manager ItShowtime Studio

From her way of easily interacting with people and making them feel at ease, helping them deliver their best work, all the way to packaging the educational resources into something valuable and actionable for entrepreneurs, her contribution was very valuable and highly appreciated.

Irina Ianculescu

Marketing & Growth Advisor

Sharing my thoughts on marketing

Marketing intrigues me; I spend a lot of time reading, writing, learning from professionals who are smarter than me, experimenting, and crystallizing my thoughts. I do that by writing the Marketing Takeover Newsletter in Romanian.


Feeling stuck when it comes to content marketing?